Leasowes Park. Leasowes Lane, off Mucklow Hill.Halesowen. B62 8DH

 What a beautiful morning for a walk in the park, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and good company. Mr Wood dropped us off in Leasowes Park and we set off along the canal. We walked around the lake, explored the woods and finished off with a coffee and a delicious home made brownie, provided by Kim, in one of the picnic areas.

“Covering 143 acres, including the Halesowen Golf Club, Leasowes Park is considered one of the most influential natural landscapes of the 18th century, having been unusually designed by poet William Shenstone. The land consists of steeply wooded hillsides, scenic rolling grasslands, small clear lakes and streams intersecting 2 narrow valleys.

It’s natural and wild, isolated and utterly without facility: great for getting back to basics for a proper old school family adventure! Go for a stroll, have a mini beast beast safari, or have the hide and seek tournament of your lives!

This beautiful public space is a little bit of wilderness in a heavily industrialised area, a much used and loved place for family recreation. There are a few features to find like the bridge over the water feature, but by and large you’ll find nothing but green here. Lovely!”

The number 99 or 002 bus from Quinton will drop you off just outside the park. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes. Why not take advantage of this beautiful park and pay a visit next time you have the opportunity to spend some quality time with your children.


Feast of Culture

 On the 23rd of March we all got together to celebrate The Feast of Culture. The children in each class created a flag to represent some of the countries and cultures of the families who attend our school.

Parents kindly prepared a variety of food from around the world for us all to taste. Yum, yum!

We were lucky enough to have Sharon Jackson join us. Sharon sang ‘Change is gonna come’ and ‘Summertime’ two songs from her stage show.

The school choir sang a selection of songs and were joined by our newly formed parent choir.

It was lovely to see so many of our families and a good time was had by all.

Thank you to everyone for all your support.